Parempi koodari == Better programmer

Parempi koodari™ can be translated to English as Better programmer.

Parempi koodari™ is training program for programmers. The purpose of the program is to make programmers even better on their job. How to recognize Parempi koodari:

  1. writes high quality code which is easy to maintain,
  2. makes high quality decisions while programming,
  3. can think in code friendly way,
  4. makes user friendly programs, apps and games,
  5. can use more time to create new things and
  6. gets respect from other programmers.

Parempi koodari -kurssi

Parempi koodari -kurssi is course for programmers where they will learn

  • How they can use more time to more meaningful tasks?
  • Why it matters how the code is written?
  • How to write high quality code which is easy to maintain?
  • How to write reusable functions?
  • Why programmer must remember DRY KISS?
  • User friendliness
  • Programmer's two best pals
  • How to work more efficiently without burdening himself?
  • Hear stories from real software development projects: what should not be done